Welcome to part 3 of this video series on getting what you really want. If you haven’t seen videos 1 and 2 – check them out below.

In our last talk, I was reminded that I have to check in with myself on a consistent basis. Is this what I want?

And even now, I am constantly checking in to discover what I want for my acting and voice studio. The vision for my studio is constantly evolving. But I know that I am here to help you find and live your creative dream – to shine a light on that part of you that’s brilliant – to help you find your genius and rock it. That’s how these blogs and videos started.

I can be a very private person and it can be a little intimidating to let myself be seen out there on social media and out in the world and in my work. Guess what. That is what we’re here to do as artists and creative.


You – just you. Nobody else. Truly there is genius in you.


Are you afraid to really even acknowledge that you don’t really want the artistic career path you’re headed down?

Is it the path your parents wanted you to go down?

Or are you going down that path to prove something to your parents or the people who that thought you’d never amount to anything?

Are you still trying to prove something to those people in high school that didn’t believe in you?

Is it an old creative career path that was the dream you carried 5, 10 or even 20 years ago, and – surprise – it doesn’t fit who you are now?

Is it the path that your agent or manager wants you to go down and it’s not really what you want.

Take some time to be honest with your self about what you want for your life.

Be bold.
Be committed.
Be consistent.
Be alive.
Be yourself.