Your Emotions Matter for Actors, Voice Artists & Creatives

Find Your Authentic Voice, Tap Into Your Honest Emotional Expression, and Create the Impact You Deserve!


Workshop Replay

So glad you took this opportunity to take your craft to the next level! If you missed this powerful training, you can watch the replay here.

As a creative professional, actor, voice artist, performer or heart-centered entrepreneur it’s vital we tap into the full range of your emotions. And we all know that unless we can express true emotion, we probably won’t end up booking the work, leading a team or making the biggest impact.

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Here’s what we covered:

  • Finally get out of your head and into your body to express your authentic feelings  
  • Tap into your true emotional expression for all of your presentations and in your creative artistic work
  • Use proven techniques  to unleash and empower your feelings and trusting your vulnerability
  • Connect emotionally to your words or the text and create impactful performances, presentations, speeches, and interviews with a simple powerful technique

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