I spent most of my life as a creative person. I’m a musician, singer-songwriter, actor and writer, and 30 years ago I created my successful coaching business as a Voice, Dialect, Acting, and Performance Empowerment Coach.

Along the way, I’ve discovered the essential key to getting what we want and being happy on our creative journey. And it’s surprisingly simple. But don’t be deceived — it might be simple but there’s work that goes into it.

If you’re trying to build that business or reach the next level in your career here’s the quickest route to fully succeeding in your journey:

1) Get really, really clear about what you truly want. This is the first step, and be careful! There are a lot of detours and influences that can mess up your vision. Clarity = Success!

It’s important to be honest with yourself about what you want for your life. Then once you know that, go after what you want – no apologies – no second guessing yourself.

2) Create a fluid plan to get there. Things will pop up that you can’t control. Just know that plans and goals can change but what you truly want, your dream, will evolve and get stronger – if you use your challenging moments to grow. This can be difficult and challenging for all of us. Lately, I’ve taken on the attitude that “this is all an adventure.” If I trust in the process and keep showing up, good things happen.

3) Take consistent action on your plan. Live and breathe with your dream every day. If it’s not a priority, it will never become your life. Okay, I know we’re all super busy, I’ve been trying to get the recordings of my original songs finished this fall, and now it looks like it will be spring. I didn’t take consistent enough action towards that goal so I didn’t get the results I wanted. But I’ve recommitted by joining a songwriting accountability group and now I’m taking more consistent action, and the record will get finished.

4) Never, ever give up. Repeat 1-3 if you feel yourself falter and stick with your internal compass.

Then get help and support to keep you on track. We’re not designed to navigate life alone. I have had coaches and mentors all along the way that have helped me keep believing. It’s made all the difference in my success and the success of my clients. In fact, I just got a text today from one of my amazing clients Diane, who booked a callback for a musical she auditioned for.

“Our work together gave me confidence. I’m so grateful, Faith.” – Diane Kelber


About Raising Your Impact

Faith Rumer is the Founder & CEO of Raising Your Impact.

She has been coaching voice, performance and communication skills, singing, acting, and dialects for over 30 years, working with thousands of students all over the world. She has trained Academy-Award-winning actors, Grammy-winning singer-songwriters, film, TV, and recording stars, as well as TV hosts, world-class entrepreneurs, speakers, CEOs, and CFOs. Now she’s coaching Social Media Influencers, YouTube, and Podcast hosts to help them raise their impact and make the most of their voices and their communication.

Faith’s signature voice and presentational coaching method have helped her clients find their own powerful authentic voice, up-level their communication, fine-tune their skills and talents and create the confidence they need to create the impact they want to have in their dream careers.

Faith also holds a Masters in Speech Pathology, specializing in voice science. A professional singer-songwriter, actor, and motivational speaker, Faith has performed on stages in front of thousands and has acted in numerous Feature films, TV shows, and theater.

Learn more at: https://RaisingYourImpact.com