A growth mindset is every creative’s secret ingredient. For creative individuals — whether artists, leaders, or entrepreneurs — our journey is rooted in deeply personal aspirations. And our path to achieving our life’s most profound goals will take years to materialize.

We know it all too well. We have experienced its twists and turns and yet we crave the chase. Our journey may defy societal norms. But as creatives, we are comfortable in embracing the unconventional to manifest our dreams into reality. And this is how we grow.

I have worn several hats in this lifetime as a singer, business owner and coach. I understand the overwhelming emotions that come with daring to dream and the seemingly endless challenges that can shroud these dreams in doubt.

The Growth Mindset
If there’s one thing I learned through my journey, it’s that the only way to overcome anything is through it. And this is how I gained a growth mindset that propelled me to become anything that I aspire for myself.

In this article, I talked about the essential elements of the growth mindset and how to practice them. These steps will unlock your path to maximizing your creative potential!

Be bravely honest with yourself. What do you want to achieve in life?
In order to transform your mindset, the first step is to achieve clarity. You need to spell out your deepest motivation for why you are on this path in the first place. This element only comes with being bravely honest with yourself. What do you want to achieve in life?

For creatives like us, the answer is not simple and often more than one. Dreamers are explorers and may get distracted by external influences. The key is to derive inspiration from the big picture but focus on actionable steps. The more vividly you can envision your destination, the clearer your path becomes.

In my case, the turning point arrived when I was brave enough to admit what I truly wanted. I realized that the road I was on—teaching acting for a successful coach—though financially rewarding, was diverting me from my artistic purpose. This honest confrontation with my own ambitions enabled me to navigate towards my true goals. It was from here that I launched my own ventures, “The Artist First” and “Raising Your Impact,” aligning my efforts with my true aspirations.

Plan your path. How will you achieve your dreams?
Though being crystal clear on your desired destination sets the journey, a well-crafted plan draws the map to get there. But if there’s one thing that makes plans foolproof, it’s flexibility.

The creative journey is dynamic and ever-changing so a fluid plan accounts for unpredictability. It provides a blueprint for our next steps while allowing for creativity and imagination to flourish. This is how we include actionable steps in our artistic journey.

For each of us, this plan will take a distinct form. It might involve setting milestones, seeking mentorship, or investing in skill development. As a singer, I sought out the best vocal training I could find, and I did the same thing in my coaching aspirations, eventually becoming a certified Life Coach. This plan allowed me to channel my creativity effectively and brought me closer to my goal with every action.
Show up every day. How badly do you want to reach your goal?
Dreams are just dreams without action. To transform our dreams into reality, we must be intentional with our actions. It’s not always glamorous. A growth mindset involves persistence and grit to put in the work. Whether it’s spending hours perfecting your craft, networking to expand your reach, or refining your skills, each step is a testament to your dedication.

In my journey, consistent action means daily writing sessions, vocal exercises, researching the most powerful and current ways to coach, and showing up for my clients. This commitment was my compass, guiding me forward even when doubts crept in. Remember: It’s the collective impact of small actions that propel us toward our dreams.

The only way is through. Never give up.
Grit and stubbornness are the ingredients of a growth mindset. Challenges will arise to test your resolve. This moment is where your passion must outweigh your doubts.

I am not new to failure. I faced countless rejections in my journey. Webinars that didn’t go as planned, classes that didn’t fill up, and performances that didn’t hit the mark. But through it all, it was my tenacity that allowed me to weather the storms and emerge stronger on the other side.
Believing in your goal and making it come true
A creative’s journey to achieving anything in life is tough. Partly, because artists and visionaries were once young children who thought other people’s dreams were theirs. So, I would not be surprised if many of you find yourself on paths that are too far from your genuine aspirations. You might even find yourself holding onto dreams that have long ceased to resonate with who you have become.

During these moments, remember to be kind to yourself. When I found myself in this exact situation, I accepted it as a part of the journey. That was when I felt empowered to chart a new path that is more reflective of my inner self.
Finally, in the heart of your creative journey, believe in the boundless potential that resides within you. Possibilities are not limited by circumstances; they’re shaped by your beliefs. If you hold the conviction that you can achieve your dreams, you’ll dismantle the roadblocks that stand in your way.

As I reflect on my journey, I get more convinced that my achievements rest on the foundation of self-belief. And now I teach the same to you. Cultivate self-belief, and watch how it transforms your path.

Embracing the journey
Each of us embarks on a personal creative journey that invites us to become our authentic selves. It is an opportunity to redefine success on our terms. The path is not without detours, but it’s these very elements that make the journey profound and transformative. By nurturing clarity, creating fluid plans, being intentional with your actions, and embracing the journey, you can sculpt your path towards dreams that make you feel the most alive.

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About Raising Your Impact
Faith Rumer is the Founder & CEO of Raising Your Impact.

She has been coaching voice, performance and communication skills, singing, acting, and dialects for over 30 years, working with thousands of students all over the world. She has trained Academy-Award-winning actors, Grammy-winning singer-songwriters, film, TV, and recording stars, as well as TV hosts, world-class entrepreneurs, speakers, CEOs, and CFOs. Now she’s coaching Social Media Influencers, YouTube, and Podcast hosts to help them raise their impact and make the most of their voices and their communication.

Faith’s signature voice and presentational coaching method have helped her clients find their own powerful authentic voice, up-level their communication, fine-tune their skills and talents and create the confidence they need to create the impact they want to have in their dream careers.

Faith also holds a Masters in Speech Pathology, specializing in voice science. A professional singer-songwriter, actor, and motivational speaker, Faith has performed on stages in front of thousands and has acted in numerous Feature films, TV shows, and theater.
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