Emotional Freedom for Actors, Voice Artists & Creatives

Get Out of Your Head, Get Real and Express Emotional Truth in Your Work

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But you can still work with Faith directly to Find and Empower your full emotional range in a live online class – for a full 8 weeks, beginning July 6th.

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As creative artists we need to know that we can count on our body to feel something powerful and free when we professionally share our acting, our voices, or with any artistic performance.

Do you find yourself trapped in your own thoughts, unable to connect with your emotions, body and voice? Most creatives struggle with the same thing.


In this free Master Class Training with Faith Rumer you will discover how to…
  • Finally get out of your head and into your body to express your authentic feelings  
  • Tap into your true emotional expression in any scene, performance, voice-over or audition
  • Use proven techniques  to unleash and empower your feelings and vulnerability
  • Connect emotionally to your words or the text and create impactful performances or reads every time with a simple powerful technique


If all that sounds amazing then join Faith for her 60-minute Free Masterclass and revitalize your craft and career.

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“She works with the best because she is the best! Faith Rumer is without doubt one of the finest coaches I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my 40 years in the business. Her passion, skill and techniques are simple and extremely effective.
Aaron Speiser

Acting Coach for Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Gerard Butler & Virginia Madsen

We all know that unless we can express true emotion, we probably won’t end up booking the work or be able to move our audience.

It isn’t always so easy, especially when the stakes are high – we have a big audition or we’re on set, or in the vocal booth on a deadline. We want to feel real. We don’t want to fake it, but often we find ourselves stuck up in our head and watching or directing our work instead of being in the moment where the magic happens.

But the good news is that emotional freedom is within your reach, and I am here to help you achieve it. I knew there had to be a better way and so I developed several processes that powerfully and consistently open up your full emotional range as a Creative.

This workshop changes all of your former struggle to access and express your full emotions in your work and in your life. Designed specifically for actors, voice artists, and creatives who are ready to break free from limiting beliefs and behaviors and tap into their free emotional expression. Finally learn how to get out of your head and express the truth in your body and voice.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your craft to the next level. The workshop is completely free. Register now to secure your spot and start your journey towards emotional freedom and authentic expression in your art.

Unlock & unleash your true emotional expression for all your scenes, auditions, voice over reads and performances!

“A key player in my career… I’ve been working with Faith for years now. When we first started, I struggled with tapping into my emotions. Faith helped me develop strong skills and emotional processes that have benefited me tremendously. She’s coached me on numerous projects, leading to bookings. Her passion is infectious!”

Corinne Foxx

Actress, TV Host & Producer


For comedy or drama, every actor and performer needs an expressive and connected voice to convey the depth, range and emotional life of their characters and story. My client Anna Diop has to have a strong emotional and expressive instrument. (Star of HBO Max series Titans)


You need to be able to consistently count on your authentic  emotional responses   when you’re in rehearsal, on-set, on stage or practicing your performances.


You can trust your voice to connect with your feelings moment to moment. The key is to get out of your head and into your body where your emotions are real.

Faith Rumer

Professional voice, communication, singing, and dialect coach

Faith Rumer has been coaching for over 25 years, and has worked with thousands of students all over the world.

She has trained Academy-Award winning actors, Grammy-winning singer-songwriters, film, TV, and recording stars, as well as television hosts, world-class entrepreneurs and speakers, CEOs and CFOs.

Now she’s coaching Social Media Influencers, YouTube and Podcast hosts to help them raise their impact and make the most of their voices and communications.

Faith’s signature voice and communication coaching method has helped her clients find their own powerful authentic voice, up-level their communication skills, and have the confidence they need to create the impact they want to have in their careers.

Faith also holds a Masters Degree in Speech Pathology, specializing in voice science. She did her internship at USC County Hospital where she worked extensively with patients on their vocal rehabilitation. A professional singer-songwriter, actor and a motivational speaker Faith has performed on stages in front of thousands and has acted in numerous Feature films, TV shows and theater.

Her clients love the power and freedom they’ve found in their new voice. Their commitment to developing more impact in their overall communication skills has made a dramatic difference in their professional and personal lives. And it brings Faith such joy to see and hear about their successes.