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In today’s world, confident voice & communication skills lend authority and trust to your delivery. Success demands that you up-level your communication skills.

  • Speaking Live on Stage 
  • Presenting  Virtually
  • Being interviewed on podcasts
  • Posting on Social Media 
  • Attending Networking Events
  • Facilitating Workshops & Webinars
  • Leading Meetings With Your Team

I created Raising Your Impact to share with you what I’ve learned on my own journey of transformation as I put my gifts and talents out in the world, and to empower you to create real transformation in your own life and make the impact you want to have.

What would your life look like… if you had the confidence to fully get your gifts out into the world?

“As an entrepreneur, I can either leave the room signing a lucrative deal or leave empty handed. Faith coached me into pitching my ideas with confidence, clarity, charisma, and poise. Without her help, I would not have had the success I enjoy now.”

Horecee St. Cyr

Owner, Interstellar Media, Producer at BET & MTV

Horecee’s Path to Success:

  • She found her voice
  • Developed her skills
  • Steadied her mindset
  • Aligned her heart with her dreams

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I love creating programs that help you find your voice, so you can powerfully get your gifts and talents out into the world.


Coaching for world-class speakers & performers

Study by Dr. Albert Mehrabian

Research Shows…

The words we say are actually far less important than how we say them. For greater impact and likability, Vocal Elements (pitch, tone, rate, volume, intonation, and rhythm) account for 38%, Non-verbal accounts for 55%, and our Words only account for 7%.

To maximize your impact, you need an integrated approach…


You need competence and confidence in each of these communication foundations to truly make an IMPACT with your message and your talents


As your  PERFORMANCE EMPOWERMENT COACH  I  am here to help you experience transformation in these 3 CRITICAL ARENAS

Voice & Communication Skills

Mindset Mastery

Spirit, Presence & Authenticity

About Faith

As a performance empowerment coach and speech/voice consultant, Faith coaches NBC TV hosts, world-class CEOs and entrepreneurs, podcast hosts and YouTube and media stars.

Faith is also a singing, dialect and acting coach who works with Academy Award-winning actors and Grammy-winning recording artists. She has over three decades of personal professional experience as an inspirational speaker, writer, singer and actor.

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Imagine this…

Getting your talents and message fully into the world, making the impact you want to have, and creating a successful life you love!

Because you are here with me on this site, I believe you are finally ready to let go of what’s holding you back. 

How often do you let fear and doubt have too big a voice?  It will fill you with disempowering thoughts of …

  • Self-doubt
  • Fear of change
  • Constant comparison
  • Judgment
  • Perfectionism

We start getting ourselves out there and then we stop. We judge our creativity, our gifts, talents and message every step of the way. Or we listen to others tell us to stop dreaming so big.

“A key player in my career… Faith helped me develop strong vocal projection and enunciation skills that have benefited me tremendously. I’ve been working with Faith for years now. When we first started, I struggled with tapping into my voice and projection. She's also coached me on numerous projects, leading to bookings. Her passion is infectious!”

Corinne Foxx

Actress, TV Host & Producer

What would it feel like to silence that disempowering voice and to finally feel empowered again?

It’s possible. It’s time to claim your own voice. I’m here to support you in nurturing and sharing your dream.

As a Performance Empowerment Coach, I’m here to help you to find your authentic voice and step into your personal genius, so you can create an extraordinary life.  What I know, is the world needs what you have.

Be seen. Be heard.
Boldly share your passion.

I can’t wait to help you get your gifts into the world!

— ​Faith

Success Corner: Confidence Hosting on National TV!

Faith Rumer coaches Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, star and host of NBC’s AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR. 

And now Akbar is Co-Host for CBS’s THE TALK!

When Akbar and I started working together, he had retired as an NFL football player and was pursuing a career as a sports analyst for the NFL. He wanted to create a new profession for himself, but he knew he needed different skills. In our coaching sessions he gained confidence and strength in his voice and expressive presentation, and people started to notice. 

Then he got the opportunity to host American Ninja Warrior, but this was a very different way of using his voice and body. We worked together to develop an even more expressive voice. It gave him the confidence he needed to powerfully and authentically host this long-running network TV show, and opened up even more opportunities for him.

Akbar has been successfully hosting American Ninja Warrior since 2015. 

And now he’s the new co-host for CBS’s The TalkCan’t argue with a success marker like longevity in an entertainment career.

“So grateful to have Faith as part of my team.”

JP became the CFO of one of the largest software companies in the world in 2020. English is his second language, but he had to effectively present the company financials.

Our work together gave him the skills to be a powerful leader. He has successfully inspired and led his company through the challenging pandemic this last year. He’s thriving and so is his company.

A more engaging, empowered, confident speaker

Client Simone is in the process of translating an important work and writing a book. She now has the confidence to get her book published and is looking forward to speaking and promoting this important work to the public.

“Thanks to Faith, I am now a more engaging, empowered, confident speaker. Her vast coaching experience, her skills, and her caring, compassionate nature have made our meetings so special and inspiring.”

— Simone Seremet, writer and artist

Performance Empowerment Coaching with Faith

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In our private coaching sessions you get a customized plan and direct one-on-one coaching to take you to the next level in your ability to move and impact your audience and your career.

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Performance Empowerment Consultation

Vocal Assessment

Our voices are very personal to us. Most of the time, you’re not really hearing what others hear. You’re listening to your voice through a lot of “critical filters.”

It can be difficult to listen to and assess your own voice. You also may not know exactly what to listen for, and you’ll miss all of the important details of what is really going on with your vocal instrument.

Get a Professional Assessment of Your Voice

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If you lack confidence in your voice, expressive and communication skills, it will impact your short and long-term success in your career and life.

The first step to finally having the voice you always wanted to have.

As a professional vocal coach who works with academy-award winning actors, TV hosts,  Grammy-winning musicians, YouTube stars and world-class business professionals, I will give you an accurate assessment of your vocal instrument.

When you know how to communicate powerfully, deliver your message authentically, and share your talents with complete confidence, you become unstoppable.”